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I Need Help picking the best HDMI Cord?

I got a free cord in the box when i bought my 47" vizio LCD TV. It Looks great when im playing games but when i play blu-ray i want it to look like in the stores. To play Blu-ray i use my 40gb ps3. I don't know what cord the tv came with. I bought a new rocketfish one that had these details
"Delivers a 10.2 Gbps bandwidth for maximum performance
Fully supports all HDMI features, including 1080p resolution, 120Hz screen refresh rate, deep color, x.v.Color, lossless audio for all formats and Lip Sync
Back-twisted center conductors for superior data transfer and impedance control
24K gold-plated connectors for maximum signal transfer and corrosion resistance". But it looked the same please help

the retail stores will not tell you this, because they make bank on cables, most are marked up 200% or more, but they are all the same
do not spend 30$ or more on a hdmi cable
go to www.monoprice.com and you will find hdmi cables for 5$
the quality is outstanding, the cust service is excellent, and this is the only place i buy my cables from now.
trust me you will not be disappointed and will want to return those overpriced cables